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Coloring Anti Stress-4

Coloring books for adults from the Scottish artist-illustrator Johanna Basford "Secret Garden" became the leaders of online sales in the famous chain of retail Amazon. A special feature of the book are complex drawings with many details and hidden objects. The artist in his book offers readers a kind of game-quest in which you need to find the secret characters, solve puzzles and graphics to pass different levels. The reader wanders through the secret garden, designed in an elegant style pen and ink to color and breathe life in all its hidden corners.
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Coloring Books for Adults allow relieve stress and lift your mood.
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Чаггингтон – (Chuggington) необычный веселый городок, население которого состоит из паровозиков.
Colouring, claim the publishers, can lower anxiety, stabilize mood, increase attention span and serve as a sleep aid.
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